Our Conventional loans meet guidelines set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We will shop for you from several investors to find the best loan for your financial goals.



This is a loan amount from $453,100 up to $2,000,000. It is usually necessary to put down a higher percentage of down payment for jumbo loans, in addition to having a high credit score and low debt.



Adjustable Rate Mortgages often start out with lower interest rates that adjust after specified periods of time. Borrowers can be approved based on the lower initial payment, meaning it is possible to qualify for a higher loan amount than other loan types.



Federal Housing Administration loans offer a slightly lower down payment threshold and more lenient credit score requirements. Mortgage Insurance Premiums are required for the life of the loan.


If you are an active duty service member, a retired veteran, or reservist these loans are a great option for you! Some of the benefits are no down-payment and no monthly mortgage insurance premium.




The Alabama Housing Finance Authority offers loan programs that have specific requirements for eligibility, including income based requirements.  A portion of the down payment is financed as a second loan so the out-of-pocket expense for these loans is lower than a standard FHA or conventional loan. Your loan officer will let you know if you meet the guidelines for an AHFA loan.





USDA loans are available for lower to moderate income families, or individuals, on properties located in targeted rural areas. Check with your loan officer to see if the home you are interested in is covered by the USDA. One great benefit of USDA loans are special loan terms, including loans available with 0% down payment. Your loan officer can let you know if your specific financial situation meets the USDA guidelines.




Refinancing is available into most of the loan types above, and is available to reduce your interest rate, take cash out of your home investment, shorten the length of your loan, or a combination the above.


Anchor Mortgage Services, Inc. is an Equal Housing Opportunity Lender and is committed to treating all applicants and borrowers in a fair and consistent manner and without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age (provided the applicant or borrower has legal capacity to enter into a binding contract), sex, marital status, disability, familial status, receipt of public assistance, or the exercise of legal rights under the federal Consumer Credit Protection Act (15 U.S.C. §§ 1601 et seq.).