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This is just some of what our clients have to say about us...



"It was wonderful. It was very easy, it was very quick, it was very informative. And, it was just a wonderful experience. Far surprassed my expectations." - Lauren H.

"I cannot say enough good things about the staff at Anchor Mortgage here in Montgomery, especially Vicki Williams. Vicki was who I dealt with directly. But everyone that I met there was extremely courteous and extremely helpful." - Phillip S.

"Anchor Mortgage has a high level of communication, the ability to work together seamlessly. They are the best mortgage lender on the market. Very competent. A lot of phone calls, a nice personal connection." - Mike K.

"They were very hands-on throughout the whole process. They don't treat you like you're just another number or another customer, or someone else that they just do business with. They really go out of their way to make you feel like family, and to make your buying experience personal. They take it personal. They really do a great job at making you feel like you're apart of the family at Anchor Mortgage." - Charles M.

 "It is refreshing to work with someone who does what they say promptly and professionally.  I genuinely appreciate your help." - Rob P.

"Thanks to everyone at Anchor Mortgage that ttook part in the many aspects of things that go into getting someone approved for a loan and the preparation for a loan closing.  I would definitely recommend Anchor Mortgage to anyone looking for assistance in buying a home." - Betty M.

"We were impressed by your attention to detail that others might not have considered to both protect our interest and to save money.  Your strong and positive networking with other related professionals streamlined the process.  You should know that you are held in high esteem by your peers." - Chris and Cornelia W.

“We felt as though we were dealing with friends helping us and sharing the thrill of buying our first home.”  - David and Kim

“Comparing Anchor Mortgage to other mortgage companies with whom I have dealt is like comparing an original Rembrandt painting to a stick drawing." - Shirley C

“It only took 14 working days to close the deal! I applaud all your efforts to make this deal happen. The professionalism and can do attitude you demonstrated will not be forgotten, and referrals will be easy to give.”  -Clayton W.

 “We would recommend Anchor Mortgage to anyone. They are number one in every way!” -Wilburn & Delorias I.

“Your knowledge and experience made me feel very comfortable and at ease.” - Jimmy K.

 “I will be telling all my friends and coworkers to go see Anchor Mortgage whether it’s a new home loan or refinancing. They are the best!” - Thomas R.

 “We had a dream, and you helped make it come true. It was a pleasure to work with you.” - Jimmy & Mitzi C.

 “What impressed us the most was how easy the entire process of refinancing was and how quickly and efficiently everything was handled.”  -Debbie K

 “The entire process was so easy and actually fun. Kudos to Anchor Mortgage!!!”  - Jennie & Charlie G.

 “Not only did play a major role in helping us achieve the fastest closing ever, your diligent efforts exceeded above and beyond anyone else we have ever used.”  - Jennifer & Shane

 “Words can never begin to describe my feelings of hope and gratefulness from the day I called Anchor Mortgage.” - Alice B.

 “Anchor’s entire staff made us feel as if we were priority one!”  - Bobby & Susie R.

 “You were there from start to finish and have always been professional, accurate and efficient.” - Gail H.

 “Anchor Mortgage had excellent rates and outstanding customer service. They made my home purchase process less stressful and far exceeded my expectations.”  - Penny G.

 “Anchor Mortgage not only builds rapport with their clients, but also lasting friendships.”

 “Anchor is grounded in the fundamentals that produce satisfied customers. Mortgage companies are a dime a dozen but Anchor Mortgage is truly worth their weight in gold!” - Jon A.

“At every point you offered answers instead of questions, you knew what we needed and were always willing to help, you exceeded our expectations from start to finish. This was the EASIEST mortgage experience ever.” - Donnie R.

 “You communicated exceptionally well with our real estate agent which made for a smooth hassle free process.”  - Martin H.

“Anchor Mortgage is by far the most professional I have found to date, their sincerity and genuiness are truly a rare find.” - Tobias F., an out of state real estate investor

 “We have used Anchor Mortgage several times over the past many years and have always been more than pleased with the fast courteous service and attention to all the little details involved.” - Milton M.

 “I would recommend Anchor Mortgage to anyone who asks me who they should choose for a mortgage company. They will always be first and foremost on my list. Anchor Mortgage cares about its clients and that is what I look for in any business.”  - Keron F.

“We were so impressed with the personal service and care you took with us every step of the way. You made us feel as if we were your only client.” - Mike & Alicia B.

 “The friendliness and professionalism of the entire staff exceeded our expectations beyond belief.” - Staci K.

 “Not only did you handle everything for me as an outstanding professional, but also treated me like I was a person instead of a client.” - Keith M.

 “Whenever we called or had a question the Anchor staff was available and able to help. The ease of the entire process made it a snap.”  - Kurt

 “You are so good at what you do and always with great enthusiasm. You made everything go so smoothly.” - Edna S.

“I felt like I got special attention, but I think you make everyone feel that way.” - Georgia

 “I will never forget your kindness and I will never be able to express how much I appreciate it.” - Kayla S.


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